Leading the Charge in Structural Battery Characterization

C&EN webinar given by alumna Dr. Katie Cychosz Struckhoff


Dr. Katie Cychosz Struckhoff, alumna and Sowden Prize winner (2005), is now Head of Applications at Anton Paar Quantatec.


Research and development professionals in the battery industry are leading a constant charge towards more efficient, safer battery technologies to fuel the current and future energy needs of our world today. Battery designers must consider a complex set of critical parameters, including surface area, pore size and pore volume, porosity and density.

This webinar will address how techniques such as gas sorption, mercury porosimetry, capillary flow porometry, and gas pycnometry can quickly and accurately help battery designers navigate these parameters, ultimately ensuring reliable characterization of battery components including the anode, cathode, and separator. The result? Better, safer, more efficient batteries.

Key Objectives

  • Understand how critical parameters such as surface area, pore size, and porosity affect battery design
  • Know how techniques such as gas sorption, mercury porosimetry, and capillary flow porometry can be used in characterizing battery components
  • Learn how key measurement techniques are used to create more efficient, safer batteries
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