Chemical Dynamics of Biological Pathways


This course will provide a highly advanced evaluation of cellular metabolism. The course will interrogate metabolic pathways and associated enzymatic mechanisms by tracking stable isotope labeling patterns as measured by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. The course will not contain any background treatment of mass spectrometry or basic metabolism. To be enrolled, students must already have an in-depth understanding of these topics. Major objectives of the course are: (1) to learn how to use labeling patterns qualitatively to understand chemical mechanisms at the arrow-pushing level as well as metabolic regulation, (2) to learn metabolic flux analysis, (3) to understand the complex metabolic interactions between cells and organs, and (4) to understand how metabolic reprogramming of specific cell types supports physiologic coordination at the organismal level. Pre-reqs: Chem 482/Chem 5820/Biol 4820 AND permission of instructor, Chem 550.
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Chemical Dynamics of Biological Pathways
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