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In-Cell Protein Footprinting Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Structural Biology Across the Proteome

Lisa Jones - University of Maryland
Louderman 458

Safety Culture: A JEDI approach via org-culture?

Safety culture efforts are challenging. Since it’s part of organizational culture, partnering with Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI ) initiatives could benefit both. Hear from our experts in both areas.

Synthesis and Biosynthesis of 3-hydroxyl-β-lactam antibiotics

Wei Wei - Dissertation Defense
McMillen 311

Synthesis of Linear Oligo[n]catenanes via Orthogonal Metal Templation

Nathan Colley - Dissertation Defense
McMillen 311

Structure-Activity Relationships for Aluminum Catalysts in the Ring-Opening Polymerizations of Cyclic Esters

Appie Peterson - Dissertation Defense
McMillen 311

named lecture series

Details about endowed lectures in the Department of Chemistry including the Kennedy, Marcus, and Weissman lecture series.

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