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NOBCChE Annual Meeting

The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers is hosting its 46th annual meeting at St. Louis Union Station. The conference provides opportunities for networking and mentorship, personal and professional development, and scientific dialogue between students and professionals of all levels.

Sideromycin Pathway Elucidation: Insights into Salmycin Biosynthesis, Transport Paradigms, and Drug Release

Gerry Sann Rivera - Thesis Defense
McMillen 311

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Overcoming Fundamental Challenges in Organic Chemistry through Methods Development across Length Scales

Seminar presented by Jessica Lamb
McMillen 311

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Mechanism Driven Approaches Facilitate the Development of Transition Metal Catalyzed Processes

Seminar presented by Andy Thomas
McMillen 311

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Pushing the Frontiers of Cellular Imaging from Cellular Rhythms and Interactions to Nanoscale Features in 3D

Seminar presented by Anna Karin Gustavsson
McMillen 311

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Tackling Challenging Electronic Structure Problems from Transition Metal Complexes to Photoinduced Reactions

Seminar presented by Elvira Sayfutyarova
McMillen 311

2019 Holiday Party

The Department of Chemistry's annual holiday party will be held on December 11 from 3-5 p.m. in the Rettner Gallery in Wrighton Hall.
Rettner Gallery, Wrighton Hall

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Towards a Predictive Understanding of Nanocrystal Attachment, Assembly, and Aggregation

Seminar presented by Elias Nakouzi
McMillen 311

Chemistry Seminar: Justin Sambur

Colorado State University
McMillen 311

named lecture series

Details about endowed lectures in the Department of Chemistry including the Kennedy, Marcus, and Weissman lecture series.

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