Chemistry Storeroom


The Chemistry Storeroom is located in McMillen Chemistry Labs Rm 102. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except from noon to 1:00 p.m. (closed during lunch).

Shop in the storeroom

After a researcher is setup with an account, they can shop during normal working hours.  The storeroom supplies general  chemicals, glassware, apparatus, and miscellaneous supplies.

New customers should complete the “new customer form” from below and bring it with them to the chemistry storeroom. At that time they will be entered as a customer authorized to shop on their labs account. They will also be given a tour of the storeroom and instructions on the checkout process.


Gerry Kohring


Michele Bigings   Matt Beck
Storeroom Manager/Buyer
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-4246

Storeroom Assistant
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-8150




Purchasing/Receiving Assistant
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-6562




In order to stay compliant with the laws and rules of shipping we have two forms that need to be filled out depending on what you are shipping. These forms must be filled out completely and legibly. They must be brought to the Chemistry Storeroom with the item to be shipped.

The sample shipment declaration form will need to be filled out when shipping a non hazardous sample to a collaborator or to a company for elemental analysis. To use this method of shipping the sample can not be listed as dangerous goods by the government. The official listing of dangerous goods is "CFR 49 section 172.101". This can be found online but make sure you are on the official government website or we have a hard copy in the storeroom office.

The chemical shipping request form must also be filled out completely and legibly. This type of shipping has many regulations and rules that must be followed. Failure to follow shipping regulations can result in federal fines and penalties. It may take a number of days to find the correct shipping procedure, and correct packing material.  Please plan ahead and be patient.

list of dangerous goods


The storeroom supervisor, Gerry Kohring, handles all Purchase Orders for the Department. (Purchase orders for other departments cannot be processed in the Chemistry Dept.) There are two types of pre-requisition forms; one for chemical orders and one for non-chemical orders. Links to these forms are below.

  • Use the DocuSign Power Form Chemical Pre-req or Non-Chemical pre-req from below to place orders. They will need to be complete with your signature and the approving PI
  • After the order has been processed, the pre-requisition is copied and returned to you for your records.
  • Please keep this form for the document number will assist us should you have questions as to the status of an item.
  • When your items arrive, the storeroom will notify you