Chemistry Storeroom


The Chemistry Storeroom is located in McMillen Chemistry Labs Rm 102. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except from noon to 1:00 p.m. (closed during lunch).

Shop in the storeroom

After a researcher is setup with an account, they can shop during normal working hours.  The storeroom supplies general  chemicals, glassware, apparatus, and miscellaneous supplies.

New customers should complete the “new customer form” from below and bring it with them to the chemistry storeroom. At that time they will be entered as a customer authorized to shop on their labs account. They will also be given a tour of the storeroom and instructions on the checkout process.


Gerry Kohring


Michele Bigings   Matt Beck
Storeroom Manager/Buyer
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-4246

Storeroom Assistant
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-8150




Purchasing/Receiving Assistant
Office: McMillen 102
Phone: 314-935-6562




The Chemistry Storeroom handles most of the shipping for the Chemistry department. We use FedEx for our carrier. Our default shipping method is standard overnight.

In about 2011 or 2012 after a couple high dollar shipping errors the University (not chemistry) and EH&S decided that only EH&S would ship all chemicals regulated or not. This rule is still in effect for most of the University except in a few spots where they figured out they could not meet the demand. In chemistry they decided we need to have a person trained to fill this role. I have been DOT and IATA certified since 2012 and am the designated staff person for all Chemistry Chemical Shipments. No one else in the department is certified and able to ship chemicals legally.

If you go to EH&S’s website to request a chemical shipment you will see a note to please allow two weeks for the shipment to be made. I can in most all cases do this much quicker for you. If you are planning on shipping a regulated item please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance. I will need to find out can it be shipped, how it needs to be shipped, and what type of packaging we will need to ship. We will then need to buy and receive the special packaging, which could take some time.

All chemical shipments and non-regulated biological shipments must have either the shipment declaration form or the Chemical shipping request form completed before shipping. Both forms can be found on the storeroom website. The forms must be complete even with the phone number of the recipient, the phone number is a FedEx mandated item.

Chemical shipments:

All Chemical shipments or things that could be mistaken for a chemical must have either the shipment declaration form or the chemical shipment request form completed. You will know which form to complete by looking at section 14 of the SDS. If it list a UN number, proper shipping name, or hazard class, this is a regulated item and is considered a dangerous good by the DOT and IATA. In this case you need to complete the chemical Shipment Request Form.

If your item does not have a SDS form you will still need to figure out if it is a dangerous good. One example of this is if you mix two flammable liquids, you probably now have UN1993 Flammable Liquid, n.o.s. This is a regulated item and will need the Chemical Shipment Request Form.

If the SDS shows “not regulated” you just need to complete the Shipment declaration. This form is basically stating that you certify that the item you are shipping is not regulated by the DOT or IATA.

Hidden Dangerous Goods:

When you are shipping a sample to a collaborator or for elemental analysis you must consider the entire package not just your sample. Your sample may not be considered a dangerous good but if you have it packed in hexane or an ethanol solution those items are dangerous goods and must be declared.

Shipments on Dry Ice:

For sample shipments on dry ice you will not only need to turn in the correct shipping form, either the shipment declaration (nonhazardous) or the chemical shipping request form (hazardous) both found on the chemistry storeroom website. But you will also need to provide the specific weight of just the dry ice in the package. This needs to be in pounds.

Biological shipments:

If you ship Biological substances or GMOs you must complete the EH&S training seminar named “EH&S – Shipping training category B, Dry Ice, and GMO”. This is a federal requirement. This training is available on Learn@work.

In this seminar you will learn to categorize, package, and complete the paperwork to ship biological substances.

When you categorize the item, if it is not a regulated biological substance you can complete the shipment declaration form on the chemistry storeroom website.

If the item is categorized as a category B biological substance, you must obtain the correct packaging, pack it, and complete the proper paperwork for shipping. You can obtain the FedEx account number and a blank airway bill from the storeroom. It will be picked up by FedEx from the storeroom.

International shipment:

If you are shipping internationally, your shipment must be approved by the Universities Export Control Manager. This includes Canada and Mexico, those are international shipments. The Export Control Manager is Hollie Noia. To get permission Email Hollie Noia at  and copy

Let her know what you are shipping, contact person, company or school, address.

When we get the authorization to ship international we can send the sample.

This is also any shipment not just chemicals.

Surprise Shipments:

Please do not do surprise shipments. Your shipment will go much smoother if you let me know when you will want to get a shipment out. If you show up unannounced and want me to ship something I may not be available at that time.

A quick email letting me know you want to ship something tomorrow or next Wednesday makes a big difference. You can contact me at or 314-935-4246. You are also welcome to stop by the chemistry storeroom to talk about your shipping needs. The chemistry storeroom is in the McMillen Chem Labs building room 102

The sample shipment declaration form will need to be filled out when shipping a non hazardous sample to a collaborator or to a company for elemental analysis. To use this method of shipping the sample can not be listed as dangerous goods by the government. The official listing of dangerous goods is "CFR 49 section 172.101". This can be found online but make sure you are on the official government website or we have a hard copy in the storeroom office.

The chemical shipping request form must also be filled out completely and legibly. This type of shipping has many regulations and rules that must be followed. Failure to follow shipping regulations can result in federal fines and penalties. It may take a number of days to find the correct shipping procedure, and correct packing material.  Please plan ahead and be patient.

list of dangerous goods

Shipping to Washington University Chemistry

US Mailing Address
Washington University in St Louis
Chemistry Department
1 Brookings Drive
St Louis MO 63130

Shipping Address
Washington University
McMillen Chem Lab
Throop Dr. Room 102
St Louis MO 63130
Attn: G Kohring


The storeroom supervisor, Gerry Kohring, handles all Purchase Orders for the Department. (Purchase orders for other departments cannot be processed in the Chemistry Dept.) There are two types of pre-requisition forms; one for chemical orders and one for non-chemical orders. Links to these forms are below.

  • Use the DocuSign Power Form Chemical Pre-req or Non-Chemical pre-req from below to place orders. They will need to be complete with your signature and the approving PI
  • After the order has been processed, the pre-requisition is copied and returned to you for your records.
  • Please keep this form for the document number will assist us should you have questions as to the status of an item.
  • When your items arrive, the storeroom will notify you