General Biochemistry II


This course focuses exclusively on human metabolism. Specific topics covered include carbohydrate, nucleotide, lipid, cholesterol, and amino acid metabolism. Metabolic pathways will be considered from multiple perspectives. 1. The chemical level: Students will learn to track specific atoms in nutrients through the major chemical reactions that constitute human metabolism, with special consideration given to thermodynamic regulation. 2. The cellular level: Much effort will be dedicated to developing a holistic picture of human metabolism, illustrating how pathways intersect and influence one another within cells. 3. The organismal level: Metabolic programs that are unique to specific cells and tissues within the human body (e.g., liver, brain, kidneys, etc.) will be presented in detail and their contribution to physiological regulation evaluated. The course will provide a mechanistic perspective of pathologies such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease by considering dysregulation of metabolism at each of the levels detailed above.Same as L41 Biol 4820
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; AS NSM

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General Biochemistry II
INSTRUCTOR: Pakrasi, Wencewicz
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