General Chemistry Diagnostic Exam

Diagnostic Exam

All first-year students registering for Principles of General Chemistry I (Chem 105) or General Chemistry I (Chem 111A) in the fall are expected to take the online diagnostic exam before they register courses for Fall 2023.

The objectives of the online diagnostic exam include the following:

  • Assess if Chem 105/106 or Chem 111A/112A is the optimal course sequence for you, so you can obtain helpful placement advice from us.
  • Identify students who may benefit from supplementary resources at WashU, such as extended recitation sections and peer-led team learning (PLTL) study groups. Recommendations regarding extended recitations will be given to you by late August.

The General Chemistry diagnostic exam can be found here. You have two attempts to take the exam. To take the diagnostic exam:

  • Login with your WUSTL key.
  • Follow the instructions there.
  • Allow yourself about 2 hours of time to work without interruption on the exam.
  • After you submit the exam, the score will be automatically saved in Canvas, and your 4-year advisor should have access to it.

Diagnostic Exam Login

Access the diagnostic exam.

Diagnostic Exam


If you have questions about accessing this exam, please contact Dr. Jia Luo via e-mail ( or phone (314-935-4163). Contact by email is preferred.