Inorganic Chemistry


Inorganic chemistry encompasses the structure, properties, and reactivity of inorganic molecules and solids. This course will focus on the symmetry, bonding, electronic structure, spectroscopy, and reactivity of inorganic coordination complexes in which ligands are bound to one or more metal centers. The course will start with using group theory to classify molecules based on the symmetry elements they possess. A series of different bonding models including VSPER, valence bond theory, molecular orbital theory, crystal field theory, and ligand field theory will be used to describe the structure and bonding of inorganic molecules, coordination complexes, and organometallic compounds. These models will serve as a basis for interpreting and predicting the electronic and vibrational spectra of inorganic compounds.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; AS NSM

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Inorganic Chemistry
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