Inorganic Electrochemistry and Photochemistry


An understanding of electrochemical processes is critical in describing the behavior of batteries, fuel cells, and other important devices used in energy conversion and environmental remediation. This course will cover modern inorganic electrochemistry, photochemistry, and photoelectrochemistry from a microscopic perspective of solid-electrolyte interfaces. The course material will start with the thermodynamics of solid-electrolyte interfaces and the kinetics of electron transfer across these interfaces. Electroanalytical techniques, including cyclic voltammetry and potential-step experiments, will be described to understand the mechanism of electrochemical and photochemical reactions. Lectures will include applications of electrochemical cells in catalysis, materials synthesis, and solar-fuel generation. Prerequisites: Chem 461 or Chem 465 or consent of instructor.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; AS NSM

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Inorganic Electrochemistry and Photochemistry
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