Introducing the Chemistry Residential Peer Mentors

Chemistry Residential Peer Mentors (RPM) connect the academic community with the residential community while supporting the General Chemistry course.  While at Washington University, students (especially first-year students) are challenged by our General Chemistry course and are encouraged to work with other students while studying or doing homework.  The RPM program provides content resources in the evenings at the residential colleges during informal sessions with peers.  The RPM sessions are led by upperclassman mentors who answer questions, work through problems, discuss problem solving strategies, demonstrate study skills, review important concepts, talk about test-taking strategy, and provide general tips on successfully completing coursework at WUSTL.  The RPMs also participate in the activities of the residential colleges.

The 2017-2018 Chemistry RPMs are:

(back row, l – r): Michelle, Tim, Jake, Jacob, Liana, Edward, Gaby (Program Coordinator)

(front row, l – r): Ha, Thwisha, Abby, Tara, Minki, Nicole