Karen Klein retires at end of January 2018

Karen Klein plans to retire at the end of January 2018.  She has been a part of the Chemistry Department since December 1979, when she was hired as a Department Secretary, Grade IV.  Karen had previously worked the Saint Louis County Library as Assistant Supervisor of the Overdues Department.  Karen had extensive secretarial skills and 62 hours of college credits, but no knowledge of chemistry when she joined our department.  Karen, under the direction of Dewey Holten and Chris Kirmaier, operated the department’s first dedicated CPT word processor with Greek character capabilities.  Soon she graduated to an IBM computer, and beta-tested Word Perfect for it Greek capabilities.  Karen was promoted to Secretary – Word Processor Operator in January of 1983.  In 1985, then-Chairman Edward Macias wrote a letter to Karen stating "There are very few things on which all the faculty agree but in the case of your performance, it is unanimously agreed that your work is outstanding.  Your skill in scientific typing of manuscripts and proposals on the word processor is highly praised and appreciated.  Your work is done promptly, accurately and conscientiously.  The faculty greatly appreciate your helpfulness and care in carrying out the various jobs that you are asked to perform".  In September 1990 she was promoted to Administrative Assistant, and was promoted again in 1995 to her current role of Administrative Coordinator.  When she retires in early 2018, it will be after 38 years of dedication to our Chemistry Department.  Karen looks forward to retirement, to spending more time with her pets, volunteering at her Church one a week, and working jigsaw puzzles and reading.  We wish Karen a very happy and long retirement!