Brightly colored lanterns are used to decorate during the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival 2021

The Chemistry DEI Committee wishes everyone a happy Lantern Festival!

Every year, the Lantern Festival takes place on the 15th day of the first Chinese Lunar month and marks the end of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) period. This year's festival occurs on February 26, 2021. This special festival traditionally promotes reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. It is the time to carry lanterns and enjoy the last day of the Lunar New Year festivities!

During the Lantern Festival, houses are decorated with a wide array of colorful lanterns. It is usually celebrated with parades, fireworks, and dragon dances.

(Photo by Madeline Maher on Unsplash)

If you wish to watch some ways in which this festival is celebrated, please refer to the following videos:

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