Nucleic Acids


Structure, synthesis, properties, and interactions of nucleic acids, and the design and synthesis of nucleic acid-based and/or targeted drugs, probes and tools. Topics: prebiotic chemistry, primary, secondary, and tertiary structure; topological and thermodynamic properties; biological and chemical synthesis; Next Gen sequencing; DNA chips; PCR; site-directed natural and unnatural mutagenesis; systematic evolution of ligands (SELEX); (SELEX); ribozymes; phage display; carcinogen, drug and protein interactions; affinity cleaving; ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation damage, DNA repair and mutagenesis; anti-sense and anti-gene probes; DNA computing, and DNA nanoconstruction (Origami). Extensive use is also made of 3D visualization of protein databank structures and web based analysis software. The coursework consists of tutorials, three exams, a journal article presentation, and the production of an interactive jmol tutorial. Prerequisite, Chem 261 and Chem 262 or equivalent.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; AR NSM; AS NSM

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Nucleic Acids
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