Organic Chemistry Laboratory I


The first part of a two-semester survey of organic chemistry lab. The laboratory is an introduction to methods in organic chemistry including separation and methods of purification of organic compounds. See syllabus for lab meeting schedule. Students should pay careful attention to the Fall calendar for special events such as religious holidays, athletic activity, and other travel, when selecting a laboratory section. Prerequisites: Chem 106 or 112A, Chem 152, and Chem 251. Choose the correct lab lecture for your lab session. Lecture 01 (Tuesday) is for students enrolled in lab sections A - D. Lecture 02 (Friday) is for students enrolled in lab sections E - H. Fall 2020 Notes: This course is for students who need the LAB COMPONENT ONLY of Organic Chemistry I. Labs: The laboratory course is going to adopt (a) hybrid format -means that some experiments will be performed in person and virtual for those that elect to be on campus and the capacity for these in-person experiments will be limited so proper social distancing can be achieved. (b) remote format -all virtual labs online. Undergraduate students will need to complete the Intention for Fall Study by 5 p.m. CDT, Wednesday, August 5.
Course Attributes: AS NSM