Robert Blankenship

Robert Blankenship

Lucille P. Markey Distinguished Professor in Arts and Sciences Emeritus
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
BS, Nebraska Wesleyan University
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    ​Professor Blankenship studies the energy-storing reactions in photosynthetic organisms, as well as the origin and early evolution of photosynthesis.

    Professor Blankenship's research is primarily concerned with elucidating the mechanism of the energy-storing reactions in photosynthetic organisms, as well as understanding the origin and early evolution of photosynthesis.

    The chemical reactions leading to long-term energy storage in photosynthetic systems take place within the membrane-bound reaction center complex and an associated group of proteins that make up an electron transport chain. One of the central goals of Dr. Blankenship's research is to identify the molecular parameters responsible for the fact that essentially every photon absorbed by the system leads to stable products. To this end, he does a variety of kinetic, thermodynamic and structural measurements on antenna complexes, reaction centers, electron transport proteins, and isolated pigments, using a number of techniques, including ultrafast laser flash photolysis and UV-VIS, fluorescence and electron spin resonance spectroscopies, as well as biochemical and molecular biological analysis.

    The appearance of photosynthesis and other metabolic processes such as nitrogen fixation had profound effects on the evolution of advanced life on Earth. His lab's analysis of whole bacterial genomes has revealed that these metabolic processes have complex evolutionary histories, including substantial horizontal gene transfer. They have also used a combination of genomic, molecular evolution techniques and biochemical analysis to identify and characterize previously unknown enzyme complexes with novel activities.

    Recent Publications

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