Physical Properties of Quantum Nanostructures


This course will explore the physical properties of semiconductor nanomaterials with dimensions that are small enough to give rise to quantum-confinement effects. These effects strongly influence the electronic structures, absorption/emission behavior, and charge-carrier dynamics within quantum wells, rods, wires, dots, and nanotubes. The course begins with an overview of the electronic structure of bulk semiconductors. The theoretical and experimental bases for quantum-confinement effects, which are of considerable fundamental and applied interest, will then be developed. A significant emphasis will be placed on the optical absorption and photoluminescence properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures. Recent advances and observations as reported in the literature will be emphasized throughout the semester. Prerequisite: Chem 461/Chem 5610 or permission of the instructor. While the course is steered to graduate students in the Chemistry Department, Chemistry undergraduate students, graduate or undergraduate students in Physics, Electrical & Systems Engineering, Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science may also find this course valuable.
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Physical Properties of Quantum Nanostructures
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