Protein Biochemistry


The focus of this course is protein biochemistry, and is intended to build upon General Biochemistry (Chem 481). In this course we will focus on protein structure, folding, and techniques to purify and characterize protein activity. We will progress from initial studies to first understand protein fold and function to current efforts to better characterize protein structure-function relationships. We will also highlight human diseases that are underpinned by protein misfolding. This course will focus on reading and understanding primary literature, including landmark papers along with more recent work. During the second half of the semester, each student will select a paper and prepare a written analysis of that paper. The student will then present the paper and lead a journal club style discussion of the paper. Pre-requisites: Chem 481 or instructor's permission. Graduate students interested in this course should enroll in the graduate level course, Chem 5833.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; BU SCI; AR NSM; AS NSM

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Protein Biochemistry
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