Spectral Methods in Organic Chemistry


A detailed treatment of methods for the determination of the structure, stereochemistry, chirality, conformation, and dynamics of organic compounds, natural products, and biopolymers. Topics covered include NMR: Fourier transform method, relaxation, chemical shift, coupling, complex splitting and simulation, NOE effect, dynamic NMR, conformational analysis, 2 D NMR methods such as COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HMBC; Mass Spectrometry (MS): EI, CI, ESI, fragmentation, MS/MS; UV-visible absorption spectroscopy; fluorescence spectroscopy; Chirality: optical rotation, ORD, CD, exciton coupling; and infrared spectroscopy. The major emphasis is on NMR spectroscopy. There are graded problem sets, two exams, and a hands on NMR laboratory section and final report for graduate students (optional for undergraduates).
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Spectral Methods in Organic Chemistry
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