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Transfer Credit

Chemistry Transfer Credit

Students earning a Chemistry Major/Minor or a Chemistry with Biochemistry Focus Major/Minor are required to take all chemistry coursework at Washington University in St. Louis. These courses should be taken during the regular academic year if at all possible.

Students earning other majors may satisfy Introductory General Chemistry (Chem 105/106), General Chemistry Laboratory (Chem 151/Chem 152), or Organic Chemistry with Laboratory (Chem 261/Chem 262) at Washington University by taking comparable chemistry courses at another institution. Transfer credit for Chem 111A/112A will not be granted.

In Summer 2020, many schools (including WUSTL) are only offering Organic Chemistry Lecture I & II. These courses may be approved to transfer to WUSTL as Chem 251 (Organic Chemistry I) and Chem 252 (Organic Chemistry II), which are lecture-only courses. If students transfer the organic chemistry lecture courses, they may take the corresponding lab courses at WUSTL, Chem 251L and Chem 252L, in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, respectively. The combination of the lectures (251 & 252) and the labs (251L & 252L) are equivalent to the Organic Chemistry with Lab courses (Chem 261/262) and will be counted towards any WUSTL major that requires Chem 261 & 262.

Some schools are offering Organic Chemistry Lectures and Labs online in Summer 2020.  These courses may be approved to transfer to WUSTL as Chem 261 (Organic Chemistry with Lab I) and Chem 262 (Organic Chemistry with Lab II). 

  • Biology will accept online chemistry lab credit towards their majors.
  • Engineering will not accept online chemistry lab credit towards their majors.
  • For other majors, students should check with their major department to ask whether online chemistry credit may be counted towards the major.
  • If a student is taking chemistry to satisfy pre-med requirements, the student should check with the school(s) they’re considering applying to, to see if the schools have communicated a policy about online laboratory courses. If the schools don’t have anything on their websites, then students should contact the schools’ admissions offices.

Course Credit Request Procedure

  1. Identify a school that teaches the chemistry course you’re interested in transferring. If several courses are available, choose one required for chemistry or science majors.  Four-year colleges or universities that offer an American Chemical Society-approved chemistry degree, operate on the semester system, and have a graduate research program (master’s or PhD) typically offer an appropriate chemistry class for transfer to WU. Community college courses will not be approved for chemistry credit transfer requests.
  2. Obtain syllabi that contain a detailed list of the topics covered for the courses you’re interested in taking.
  3. Complete the “Approval for Non-WU Course Credit” form.
  4. Send this completed form and the associated syllabi to Professor John Bleeke at

After reviewing, Professor Bleeke will contact you by email to let you know whether or not the course is comparable to one offered at Washington University.  If the course is appropriate, Professor Bleeke will sign the form and submit it to the College Office on your behalf.

Once you’ve completed the course, you must send an official transcript to the College Office (Campus Box 1117) to certify that you have successfully completed the course. The course equivalence will appear on your WU transcript, but the grade will not. The grade will not be used in your WU GPA calculation.

You should obtain confirmation of course equivalence from the Chemistry Department prior to enrolling in a course at another institution. To ensure you have course approval prior to summer school registration periods, your request should be submitted to Professor Bleeke by the end of March. Approval may be granted after you have already taken the course, but there is no guarantee that you will receive the transfer credits unless you have the course approved ahead of time.

If you have questions about receiving transfer credit for introductory chemistry taken at another institution, contact Professor Bleeke by email or phone.

Physics Transfer Credit

Students earning a Chemistry Major/Minor or a Chemistry with Biochemistry Focus Major may take their physics requirement at another institution. The transfer credit for a calculus-based physics course must be pre-approved by the Department of Physics. Chemistry will accept online physics lecture and lab credit towards Chemistry majors and minors for courses taken in Summer 2020.