Chemistry award winners and graduates 2023

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce and congratulate our 2023 research and teaching award winners and graduating students!


Jen Heemstra (above), the Charles Allen Thomas Professor of Chemistry in Arts & Sciences and chair of the Department of Chemistry, addressing the assembled graduates and award winners at the recognition ceremony

Teaching Awards

Twelve undergraduate students received awards for their outstanding contributions to the Department's teaching initiatives. These students showed exemplary commitment to their classmates and the educational purpose of chemistry by helping in advanced laboratories and mentoring first-year undergraduates.

PLTL Leader Awards (Chem 105/106): Chidinma Nwawueze and Sarah Kaplan, awards presented by Thomas Bakupog

PLTL Leader Awards (Chem 111/112): Tina Lu, Mark Jareczek, and Tyler Schutt, awards presented by Megan Daschbach

Residential Peer Mentor Awards: Mahsheeb Khan and Deanna Wu, awards presented by Ashley Schuman and Taylor Pottgen

Chemistry Peer Mentor Award (Transition Program): Joshua Bronte, award presented by Jia Luo

Chemistry Lab Mentor Award: Aditya Gowlikar, award presented by Matt Autry

Organic Chemistry Assistant Award (Lecture): Joanna Li, award presented by Rong Chen

Professor Luo (left) and Joshua Bronte (right)

Organic Chemistry Assistant Award (Lab): Rachel Cohen, award presented by Maria de la Cruz

Undergraduate Laboratory TA Award: Lilliana Rey, award presented by Bryn Lutes

Research Awards

The awards presented for chemistry research show the Department's dedication to undergraduate research. The students receiving these awards exhibited exceptional laboratory abilities, a strong work ethic, and flexibility, which enabled them to publish several papers and achieve other milestones in their research endeavors. 

American Chemistry Society Outstanding Junior Award: Sarah Olsen, award presented by Vlad Birman

American Chemistry Society Organic Award: Riggie Kong, nominated by Jonathan Barnes and presented by Richard Mabbs

American Chemistry Society Inorganic Award: Sabrina Hu, award presented by Bryce Sadtler

American Chemistry Society Analytical Award: Nolan Shields, nominated by Gary Patti and presented by Richard Mabbs

Royal Society of Chemistry, Merck Index Award: Kate Jones and Shamika Bhandarkar, awards presented by Tim Wencewicz and Meredith Jackrel

Gutsche Award (Organic Chemistry): Mark Jareczek, nominated by Jonathan Barnes and presented by Richard Mabbs

Helmholz Award (Inorganic or Physical Chemistry): Brian Lu, award presented by Baron Chanda

Lipkin Award (Organic or Bio-organic Chemistry): Evan Moss, award presented by Courtney Reichhardt

Professor Wexler (center) chatting with graduating students

Wahl/Weissman Award (Nuclear and Physical Chemistry): Jessica Berkman, award presented by Lee Sobotka

Sowden Prize (Top senior): Polina Barzova and Brian Sohn, awards presented by Kevin Moeller and Meredith Jackrel

Graduating Students

Graduating majors in chemistry:

Abayomi Awoyomi

Nick Banull

Polina Barzova

Jessica Berkman

Shamika Bhandarkar

Yixuan (Angela) Chen

Harry Coons

Isabel Dashtizad

Bill Hoseman

Sabrina Hu

Shiva Iyer

Mark Jareczek

Kate Jones

Jack Klein

Riggie Kong

Kendrick Lam

Tallulah Letscher

Tully Liu

Brian Lu

Andrew Mahlenkamp

Ethan Memming

Ryan Mikami

Shubhanjali Minhas

Evan Moss

Jared Moxley

Ben Reimler

Elise Requadt

Nolan Shields

Brian Sohn

Sashrik Sribhashyam

Shantiv Sudarshan

Anthony Tran

Jonathan Turner

Sarah Wagner

Mason Wong

Juli Yaniz

Allen Zhao

Viktoria Mochnacky


Graduating minors in chemistry:

Darren Chen 

Genesis McCree


Congratulations to all of this year's award winners and graduates!