Daschbach promoted to teaching professor


Megan Daschbach, formerly a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has been promoted to teaching professor of chemistry.

Recently, Daschbach won a Dean’s Community Response Award for her exceptional efforts and dedication to keeping the General Chemistry course running smoothly and meeting students’ needs during the pandemic. In addition to her outstanding work in the classroom, Daschbach also serves as director of chemistry’s peer-led team learning program.

Chemistry department chair William Buhro, the George E. Pake Professor in Arts & Sciences, described Daschbach as a “rock star of lower-level STEM education” at Washington University. “She really carries the water; she sweats every detail, and she makes sure that all aspects of her courses function as intended,” Buhro said. “The cornerstone of Megan’s teaching is student well-being. She believes that students cannot optimally master course content until they feel secure and supported in the classroom. She is an instructor of very special ability.”

Congratulations to Megan!