Dr. Gaby Szteinberg wins a ArtSci Outstanding Staff Award

Congratulations to Gaby Szteinberg, Chemistry’s Project Coordinator for the General Chemistry Supplemental Programs.  Gaby has been with the Chemistry Department for three short years, and she has proven to be a dedicated, innovative, and integral part of the Chem 111/112 instructor team.  Gaby has many responsibilities for the General Chemistry course, works directly with over 85 Chemistry peer mentors and peer leaders, and is personally responsible for the day-to-day logistics of the academic programs that cater to over 800 students each year. 

In addition to her regular responsibilities with the supplemental programs, Gaby has contributed to the ongoing scholarship of teaching and learning efforts by the Teaching Center, advises students responsible for creating the Washington University Chemistry Tournament (WUCT), and has undertaken considerable work for the department’s assessment process.  In every way we can think to rank a member of our education staff, Gaby is exemplary and very worthy of the University’s recognition.