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Lunar New Year 2021

Happy Lunar New Year from the Chem DEI committee! 2021 is the Year of the Ox, signifying traits of strength, reliability, fairness, and conscientiousness as well as inspiring confidence in others.

Significance of the Lunar New Year:

  • To honor heavenly deities as well as ancestors.
  • It is also a time to bring families together for feasting.

How is the Lunar New Year celebrated?

  • There are twelve animal symbols, one for each year.
  • 2021 is the Year of the Ox. It signifies key traits of strength, reliability, fairness, and conscientiousness as well as inspiring confidence in others. 
  • Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese people everywhere. It is major holiday in China and in other countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 
  • Families get together.
  • The holiday is usually marked by BIG DINNERS with an abundance of traditional food (e.g. spring rolls, dumplings, etc). All you can eat! 
  • Family visits, normally to a senior family member, are a trademark of the first day of Lunar New Year. 
  • Share best wishes by placing big Chinese characters (also known as blessings) at the entrance of each family's home. 
  • Give out money in red packets/envelopes.
  • Children wear their very best brightly colored new clothes.
  • Electronic fireworks are now mostly used in place of the actual fireworks, which have been banned in the big cities for the past 20 years.

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