Postdoc Rowles wins Molecular Oncology Training Grant

Joe Rowles, a postdoctoral research associate working with Gary Patti in the Department of Chemistry in Arts & Sciences, was accepted into the Siteman Cancer Center’s Cancer Biology Pathway Program. The program provides training in the biology of cancer and opportunities for future cancer research. Through their Molecular Oncology Training Grant, Siteman Cancer Center supports up to two years of participation in the program.

During his participation in the Cancer Biology Pathway Program, Rowles will take courses focused on cancer biology and molecular genetics; follow experts in medical oncology, pathology, radiology, stem cell transplantation, and surgical oncology during their clinical work; and participate in journal clubs focused on special topics related to cancer biology. The program also includes professional networking and career mentoring opportunities.

"This fellowship provides an outstanding training opportunity in cancer biology," said Patti, the Michael and Tana Powell Professor of Chemistry. "Not only will it facilitate collaborative activities between basic scientists and clinicians, it also allows for shadowing in medical oncology. Having an opportunity to engage with cancer patients will undoubtedly provide new perspectives and potentially shape future research directions."

With the insights gained from the Cancer Biology Pathway Program, Rowles will continue to investigate the effects of fructose metabolism in colorectal cancer progression.