Chemistry award winners and graduates 2024

Teaching Awards

Fifteen undergraduate students received awards for their outstanding contributions to the Department's teaching initiatives. These students showed exemplary commitment to their classmates and the educational purpose of chemistry by helping in advanced laboratories and mentoring first-year undergraduates.

PLTL Leader Awards: 
Belle Endom, Chaelee Park, and Pat Wang, awards presented by Dr. Megan Daschbach and Dr. Matthew Kummer

Belle Endom was selected as one of the PLTL Leader Award

PLTL Leader Awards: 
Arnav Bhushan, Ashley Pancamo, and Asha Patel, awards presented by Donna Mabbs

Residential Peer Mentor Awards: 
Amanda Zhu and Makenna Fluegel, awards presented by Dr. Matthew Kummer and Donna Mabbs

Chemistry Peer Mentor Award (Transition Program): 
Sarah Neltner, award presented by Dr. Jia Luo and Uma Banerjee

Chemistry Lab Mentor Award: 
Sophia Miller and Elena Sacchetti, award presented by Dr. Bryn Lutes

Organic Chemistry Assistant Award: 
John Georgiades, award presented by Dr. Seth Applegate

Undergraduate Laboratory TA Award: 
Eric Miao and Holly Lam, award presented by Dr. Bryn Lutes and Dr. Maria de la Cruz

Undergraduate TA Award: Emmy Morin, award presented by Dr. Megan Daschbach

Research Awards

The awards presented for chemistry research show the Department's dedication to undergraduate research. The students receiving these awards exhibited exceptional laboratory abilities, a strong work ethic, and flexibility, which enabled them to publish several papers and achieve other milestones in their research endeavors. 


American Chemistry Society Outstanding Junior Award: 
Steven Le, award presented by Dr. Tim Wencewicz

American Chemistry Society Organic Award: 
Julian Liao, award presented by Dr. Vlad Birman

Dr. Loomis and Miranda Wright (ACS Physical Awardee) 

American Chemistry Society Inorganic Award: 
Avital Isakov
, award presented by Dr. Rob Wexler

American Chemistry Society Physical Award: 
Miranda Wright, award presented by Dr. Rich Loomis

WashU Chemistry Department Analytical Award: 
Jonathan Huynh, presented by Dr. Robert Kranz

Royal Society of Chemistry, Merck Index Award: 
Amy Sterling
 and Allan Wang, awards presented by Dr. Meredith Jackrel

Gutsche Award (Organic Chemistry): 
Sarah Olsen, award presented by Dr. Vlad Birman

The Birman Group poses celebrates their two undergraduate students
L-R: Dr. Birman, Julian Liao (ACS Organic Awardee), Sarah Olsen (Gutsche Awardee), and Isaac Fuentes

Helmholz Award (Inorganic or Physical Chemistry): 
Julie Lampert
, award presented by Dr. Kade Head-Marsden

Lipkin Award (Organic or Bio-organic Chemistry): 
Cynthia Chang, award presented by Dr. Meredith Jackrel

Wahl Award (Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry Weissman Award):
Alexander Demeris, 
award presented by Dr. John Taylor

Weissman Award (Nuclear and Physical Chemistry): 
Tingting Xu, award presented by Dr. Joe Fournier

Sowden Prize (Top senior):  John Georgiades, award presented by Dr. Tim Wencewicz

Graduating students

Shria Bucha

Allison Burdi

Drew Cearlock

Cynthia Chang

Alexander Demeris

Elvin Ding

Abigail Dowell

Taylor Dworkin

John Georgiades

Isabelle Hannula

Nicholas Hatzis-Schoch

Alex Hinman

Richard Hong

Jonathan Huynh

Igor Kitanovski

Julie Lampert

Aiden Li

Julian Liao

Joshua Liu

Eric Mafla-Hernandez

Sophia Miller

Victoria Mochnacky

Allison Mulvehill

Sarah Olsen

Evan Polsky

Marissa Poole

Lilliana Rey

Zoe Siegel

Ken Lee

Kyler Squirrell

Amy Sterling

Christianna Swift

Allan Wang

John Wang

Kate Weathersby

Colin Willoughby

Miranda Wright

Tingting Xu

Natasha Zimmermann